North Shore Immigration Inclusion Partnership

Multilingual Business Cards for First Responders

Front of the business card showing English, Mandarin, and Tagalog
Back of the card showing English, Farsi, and Korean

Project overview: a study in UX

This is a project I worked on during my time with the North Shore Immigration Partnership (NSIIP) in 2019.

We received feedback from our first responder partners that in their line of work, even after resolving the immediate concerns of the newcomers they meet, they felt that these folks who are new to the community could benefit from the extra support that settlement service providers like NSMS (North Shore Multicultural Society, now known as IMPACT North Shore) can give. However, they found it difficult to explain this to newcomers due to language barriers. 

Prior to this project, as part of the Partnership's efforts to improve the settlement outcomes for new immigrants on the North Shore, I used the federal census data and input from partner organizations to create resources (2018 North Shore map, 2018 English Language Learners map, 2011-16 Seniors' and Children's Demographics) to help teachers, librarians, municipal government representatives, and community service providers understand the demographic breakdowns of North Shore neighbourhoods so that they can better tailor their services for the community. 

Using this data, I developed a business card that the first responders can comfortably carry and easily distribute to the newcomers they feel could use extra support. It includes NSMS' contact information (phone, email, address, and website), and a brief call to action in the top five languages on the North Shore at the time: English, Mandarin, Farsi, Korean, and Tagalog. These were also the languages spoken by the service providers at NSMS. I checked with NSMS service providers to ensure the call to action was correctly written in their respective languages, sought feedback from our first responder partners and language class students (newcomers) to apply their feedback and ensure the card would meet the needs of its users. The final product is a simple business card, but it's definitely one of the accomplishments that I'm most proud of, and an initiative that I'm grateful to have been a part of. ✨

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