Hi, there! I’m currently a UX/UI designer at Spud. I received a BA from the Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology at Simon Fraser University, and an MA in Global Thought at Columbia University, where I conducted spatial information research to track the displacement of low-income communities in urban areas over time as a result of rapid urbanizations and development of smart cities.

During 2018-2020, I was working with a non-profit agency in North Shore to help implement a 3-year strategic settlement plan and support the creation of a national Immigration Data Portal to improve public access to data. During this time, I worked closely with community stakeholders to understand their pain points to improve the resources we create, and I found myself being fascinated with the process of conceptualizing and fine-tuning different solutions and being genuinely excited to get user feedback to improve the quality of our work. That was the moment I realized I had found my calling in product design. 

 This experience also helped me understand the importance and abundance of human empathy, and the value of design in transforming good intentions into great solutions that work for the people who use them. This continues to be my driving force for design, and what excites me about the field. 

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